Tariff Management

Tariff Management

How to get the price right!

SOS schwarz

provides the tools to

... generate a 360° degree view over your costs from door-to-door prior to quotation.
SOS allows you to create transparency and reduce complexity in a unique modular pricing system.

... monitor market rates and trade shifts by including different indices as benchmarks.
SOS visualizes pricing behaviors and time series for trades, port pairs and customers short and longterm.

... automatically calculate a weighted internal transport price for every port pair.
SOS allows you to implement your own pricing strategy for different customer segments.

... sell your NVOCC instead of the cheapest carrier and synchronize multiple carriers, customers and services.
SOS puts your products and services at the center of discussions.

... implement a value-based pricing strategy for your own products and services.
SOS enable you to follow a sophisticated pricing approach.

... analyze internal and external data in realtime allowing you to identify opportunities.
SOS ensures that savings are captured and profitbility targets are met.

SOS weiss

enables you to

Provide the right price to your front end!

Consider all pricing relevant aspects to determine the price for a customer.

Include your intermodal costs!

Consider your inland costs and understand this part as important aspects!

Develop your own innovative products!

Hang a price tag on your own products and transport solutions.

Calculate your price automatically!

Your price is calculated automatically considering different influencing factors.

Look at the market!

Learn from the past but concentrate on the future.

Implement segment based pricing strategies!

Develop different pricing strategies for different customer segments!