Contract Management

Contract Management

Steer and plan your contractual commitment and rights!

SOS schwarz

provides the tools to

... define your customer and carrier contracts with all related details and steering instructions. SOS enables you to share contracts and change details in realtime with your colleagues across different functions.

... manage your tender easily and efficiently on a local and central level.
SOS helps you to streamlime and speed up communication flows and met requested deadlines.

... manage contractual obligations and rights of all parties involved.
SOS monitors volume developments and fullfillment levels to react quickly to internal and external developments.

... incorporate further interfaces to any inhouse system or external software provider when needed. We are fully flexible and will adjust to your business or IT requirements.

... provide your steering instructions for every single contract for different trades to the frontline worldwide.
SOS ensures that your global strategy is followed without needing to share every single term and condition.

... analyze the data in realtime allowing you to identify opportunities and critial factors.
SOS ensures that savings are captured and profitbility targets are met.