Quick Bookings

Quick Bookings

Start Planning at a very early stage!

SOS schwarz

provides the tools to

... create a booking with all necessary details related to your customer, cargo and routing.
SOS enables you to share these informaton in realtime with your colleagues across different functions worldwide.

... receive schedule alerts and highlight vessel delays for all tradelanes.
SOS highlights rolled cargo and allows to monitor carrier booking behavior.

... include bookings into your planning process from start to end as early as possible.
SOS planning supports realtime strategy making across different trades.

... find the suitable port-to-port connection and related details with one mouse-click.
SOS enables you to keep an eye on routing information and visualizes schedule irregularities.

... monitor developments and ensure you meet your contractual commitments.
SOS allows you to create your own performance reports and dasboards.

... incorporate further interfaces to any inhouse system or external software provider when needed. We are fully flexible and will adjust to your business or IT requirements.