Allocation Management

Allocation Management

A Game Changer in Shipping

SOS schwarz

provides the tools to

... define your volumes, allocations for every customer, carrier and trade worldwide.
SOS puts you in the position to create transparency and synchronize multiple carriers, customers and services.

... narrow the shortterm booking options by considering internal and external dynamics.
SOS empowers you to reflect current circumstances without changing your general strategic approach.

... provide clear trade and customer related handling instructions to your front line.
SOS helps you to protect your space and be a reliable partner not only for your customers but also for your subcontractors.

... find the suitable port-to-port connection with one mouse-click and related details.
SOS enables you to keep an eye on routing information, vessel position and visualizes schedule irregularities.

... get insights into allocation behavior and monitor booking process easily.
SOS enables you to personalize your communication and intervene immediately.

... monitor developments and ensure you meet your contractual commitments.
SOS allows you to create your own standard reports and dashboards.

SOS weiss

enables you to

Tight space and equipment situation!

The first step is to create transparency before action plans can be developed.
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Steering your FAK Volume in realtime!

We help you to transfer your strategy in clear booking instructions.
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Monitor volume developments and goals!

Quickly adapt to internal and external dynamics to reach volume goals and commitments.
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